Attn: Hardworking Family Men

How To Unlock AND Unleash Your Magnetism to Consistently Capture the Attention, Attraction, Allure, & ACTION of Your Wife!
(***Even If She Doesn't Even WANT to Want You More)

"This has been a huge game changer! . . . It's like having a coach or therapist in my back pocket!" — Jason B. Godoy*Wildly%20Magnetic*jpg?alt=media&token=0903785f-6e6f-4d43-a990-7cbf2fc61ac7

So, How Do You Make Your Wife Want You More . . .
. . . AKA Turbo Charge Her Passion, Desire, & 'Urge' For You?
(It's Not What You Think!)

From: Ryan P. Lampe
San Diego, California

What Does Your Relationship With Your Wife Look Like These Days?

Is it what you imagined it would be when you two first fell in love and dreamed of building a beautiful family and life together?

Do you ever feel like you lost the FIRE and PASSION in your marriage years ago back when you first had kids?

Do you ever wonder — "Is this really about as good as it's gonna get for me?"

Do you sweat blood at work only to come home to your wife who STILL continues to choose her work and the kids over you every day?

Is the everyday excitement of flirtiness and playfulness locked away and buried in a time capsule labeled your "honeymoon phase?"

Or maybe you guys never really had the passion and the fireworks that you were "supposed to". You got married because you both thought it was a good idea at the time, but then you and the wifey got caught up in responsibilities, duties, and LIFE. Now you feel like you never really got the chance to start your passionate love affair like you were "supposed to".

And so you and your ”best friend” have just been roommates with rings for YEARS… Maybe even decades.

Your Wife Is Absolutely Beautiful, But You Can Hardly Touch Her Without Feeling There Is Something Deeply Missing Between You . . .

And so you feel broken and confused inside as a man . . . Trapped and alone inside your own marriage!

You’ve justified a “good enough“ marriage for so long, and now you find yourself SETTLING for something that if you knew back then what you know now, you'd never have signed up for it.

You expected to marry your best friend, the love of your life . . . But as you lay in bed at night next to her, you feel miles apart DISCONNECTED and UNSEEN.

Brother, if this is YOU, You Are Not Alone . . .

I've Been There . . . In fact, most, if not ALL hardworking family men I've known have been there . . .

And I've personally connected with hundreds of men who felt stuck inside a hopeless relationship, married to what they call an IMPOSSIBLE wife.

Men who have considered throwing in the towel and ENDING it with their wife to escape the living hell they somehow found themselves in.

How It All Started . . .

Did you know the number one reason men don’t feel Happy and/or Satisfied in their marriage is not due to the fact their spouse isn’t an incredible wife, mother, and woman, but because they don’t feel like she WANTS them enough?

Here's the facts: Men want to be wanted. But oftentimes Marriage, Family, and Work-life Balance can make that tough!

Here’s the problem you face: as a society, we’ve become so domesticated that hardworking family men aren’t able to keep up with the demands of unending financial responsibilities, family obligations, marriage growth, AND adequate self-care.

So while he focuses on making money, his family duties only increase. And as he tries to be there more as a father, pressure from work rises, and his marriage suffers.

As he TRIES to work on his marriage, work stress continues, the kids get even less time, and he ends up with almost ZERO space leftover for his own ‘guilty pleasures’ . . . (not to mention his wife often can’t even meet him half way in trying to grow their relationship because she prioritizes the kids so much dealing with her own “mom guilt”) . . .

Which means disconnection develops . . . Feelings are frantic . . . Talking tailspins . . . Arguments arise . . . Communication constricts . . . Love is LOST . . . Passion plummets . . . Apathy becomes agony . . . Connection collapses . . .

. . . The 'DREAM' DISAPPEARS . . .

And the Fire, that was once Alive & Burning inside his Heart, is LONG GONE!

None Of This Is Your Fault . . .

You and I Weren't Given a 'How-To Book" on Love, Marriage, Family, Work-Life Balance, God, and EVERYTHING ELSE We're Expected To "Be Good" At.

In fact, like me, you probably weren't even taught how to emotionally connect with someone (your wife, your kids, God, even YOURSELF!)

We've been raised to BE GOOD, DO STUFF and FIX STUFF . . . Yet No Matter How Good We Are and How Much We Do, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH . . .

But here’s the REAL problem you’re facing. If you don’t figure this out now, the data shows there’s a high probability that you’ll end up in a divorce. Even if you don’t, you’ll live unhappily day-to-day, not with the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, not with your BEST FRIEND, but with a roommate. The only reason you’ll be staying together is for the kids or to pay the mortgage.

"Something MUST CHANGE! I Cannot — I WILL NOT — Continue Living Life This Way!" . . .

👆👆👆 THAT is what I found myself YELLING AT MYSELF in the mirror with raw tears of passion streaming down my face. "NO MORE! I CAN'T AND WONT DO THIS ANY MORE! NO ******* MORE!!!"

Now admittedly, it took a LOT to get me to that point — 2 1/2 years [nearly completely] physically disabled, diagnosed with HNPP (hereditary nerve disease), fresh new babies #3 and #4 not even 14 months apart, the greatest amount of financial stress I'd never even imagined before, super disconnected from my wife and family (just trying get by doing what it took to 'make them happy'), and truly disconnected to God and myself.

But THAT was the magic formula of pain and chaos required to Set Me On The Path To Doing Whatever Is Required To Find ANSWERS and Get REAL RESULTS!

Luckily for you, I've put together my most Essential ANSWERS and DISTILLED Them Into A Simple, Proven, NO-BS JUMPSTART COURSE!

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Wildly Connected

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🧲 The STUNNING Power Of Forgiveness (Demonstrated Like You’ve NEVER Heard or Seen Before) and HOW To Implement It The “Right” Way (Even Towards Yourself!) To Get Unimaginable & Seemingly Impossible Results Inside Your Marriage!

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🧲 The Secret Power Of Integrity, Exactly What It Is (And Is NOT), What It Means To You & Your Marriage, and WHY “Integrity” Is The ONE Most Significant Factor In Every Man’s Ability To Be Magnetic In His Marriage, Family, & ALL His Relationships!

🧲 The TRUTH Behind What Every Wife REALLY Want’s From Her Husband . . . (That She Can’t Quite Put Her Finger On and Explain For Herself.) . . . So You Can ALWAYS Use It To Your FULL ADVANTAGE To Win YOUR Wife’s Heart Over EVEN MORE, No Matter The Circumstances You Face.

🧲 The NUMBER ONE Consistently CRIPPLING Showstopper In A Man’s Journey Towards Building His “Dream Marriage” (and Dream LIFE) and HOW You Can Strategically Make Sure It NEVER STOPS YOU!

🧲 TWO Simple, Powerful Questions That Can Instantly Bring ANY Man Clarity & Insight Into His Wife . . . (Even If They Are Right In The Middle Of A Big Fight/Disagreement) . . . Which Means Having A SUPERPOWER That Many Men Today Living ‘Wildly Connected’ Now Refer To As “Having X-RAY VISION Into My Wife’s Heart!”

🧲 The Underlying “Force” That Controls Human Beings, The Method To The Madness, and WHY Men Like You Have Such A Hard Time NOT DOING What They Really DON’T WANT TO DO, and DOING What They Really DO WANT TO DO . . . So That You Can Take Back Full Control Of Your Actions and POWERFULLY DICTATE YOUR LIFE, YOURSELF.

🧲 How To Take Your Wife’s EVERY Accusation, Complaint, & Criticism and USE IT To Create & Cultivate Connection With Her (Think Like a Jiu-Jitsu Master!) . . . Which Means Every Bit of “Nagging” Becomes A GIFT To Your Relationship (and NOT a Detriment!)

🧲 How "Intelligence" & "LOGIC" Can Be The #1 Roadblock Keeping Men From Inspiring, Compelling, & Attracting Their Wives To Them Like a MAGNET Holding Them Back From The Passion, Intimacy, & CONNECTION They Covet.

🧲 The Key To Removing ALL Restrictions & Limitations (the Glass Ceiling) so you can Grow & Evolve Your Marriage To Your Heart’s Desire . . . which means NO MORE Feeling/Getting Stuck In The SUFFOCATING Place Thinking To Yourself . . . “Is This Really As Good As It Gets?!”

🧲 FOUR Sources of FIRE That Create & Regulate Every Man’s “Magnetic Potential” so you can Unleash YOUR Potential!

🧲 EIGHT Simple Practices ANY Man Can Implement Immediately Into His Everyday Life That Are PROVEN To Instantly Increase His “Gravitational Pull” so you can GET RESULTS FAST (No Matter How Hard You’ve Tried Before And Failed!)

🧲 The Ugly Truth Behind Judgment, Why It's Crucial To Expose, How To Handle It, and A FRESH PERSPECTIVE On It so you can Transform Every Single "Opportunity" Judgment Presents Itself Inside Your Relationship Into A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU TO SEE, LOVE, & CONNECT With Your Wife (and Yourself) Even More Powerfully!

🧲 The Best Kept 'Underground' Secret of ELITE Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, and Counselors . . . THE Single Most Powerful Practice Every Man Can Incorporate Into His Marriage To Consistently Take Communication, Connection, & Relationship Growth To The Next Level.

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🧲 SIX Surefire Signs That You Are (Momentarily) Stepping OUTSIDE Your Personal Integrity & The Magnetic Man You (Truly) Want To Be so you can Quickly SHIFT Back Into Your Power . . . and AVOID Spiraling Down Into Old Patterns That Keep You "Handcuffed."

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I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" — and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this . . .

Well, besides wanting the very best for you and your marriage as a hardworking family man, there are actually a few more reasons . . .

1. This is my way of saying thank you for being a hardworking family man choosing to fight with everything inside you for your marriage and your family . . . and NOT GIVING UP ON YOURSELF. I know exactly what it's like to feel stuck and trapped inside marriage, family, and life without a glimpse of hope, just WATCHING THE PASSION DRAIN FROM MY SOUL AS A MAN, and WANTING TO QUIT and TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT SO ******* BADLY. Thank you for NOT GIVING UP. Thank you for BEING RELENTLESS and CHOOSING TO FIGHT!

2. Because I know the hard work and dedication it takes to proudly walk this path as a hardworking family man, I also know that it there is no one-time quick fix, no magic pill, and no "one book" with all the answers. I know that it takes relentless commitment, a renewing choice every single day, and a NEVER ENDING willingness to PUT IN THE WORK to build and create the marriage, family, and life you want. So this is my invitation to you join us at Wildly Connected in the journey of Living Wildly Connected.

3. You will probably need or want more tools and support to powerfully LIVE Wildly Connected. This is my opportunity to get our relationship started off on the right foot and help you get results FAST! . . . Plus, I'm kinda a show off . . . and helping YOU get the results you want does something very special for me on the inside. :)

4. I'm sick and tired of seeing hardworking family men fail (and watching the fire and passion in their hearts die out) simply because they don't know that there IS A WAY to having everything they truly want . . . the marriage, family, relationships, career, passion, wildness, freedom, love, connection, etc . . . ALL AT SAME TIME. I want you to have your cake and eat it too. No more sacrificing yourself for your wife and kids only to lose your heart and soul!

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Sound fair?

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy this game changing course!

Ryan P. Lampe

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